Each Professional Workspace acknowledges that Go4Office acts as the Professional Workspace's limited payment collection representative and that Go4Office's duty to reimburse the Professional Workspace is contingent on the Professional Workspace receiving the relevant fees from Clients. Payments to Professional Workspaces for funds not successfully collected by Go4Office from Visitors are not guaranteed by Go4Office. Go4Office accepts no responsibility for the Professional Workspace's wrongdoing by seeking installation as the Professional Workspace's exclusive authorized representative. At instances when a client stays longer than their booking period, the Professional Workspace is liable to notify the client as well as Go4Office of the extended period that the client used the facility so that they can be invoiced appropriately. Within two hours of the extended time period, it is the responsibility of the Professional Workspace to submit a report of the same to Go4Office. Any additional fees are the guest's obligation, not Go4Office's. Please be aware that there are presently no fees associated with creating listings or making reservations on our Go4Office portal. Nevertheless, as a Professional Workspace or Client, you accept and understand that Go4Office maintains the right to charge and recover costs from you at its sole and absolute discretion. Despite the fact that Go4Office is not a signatory to the Professional Workspace's contract with you, you understand and acknowledge that Go4Office Payments function as the Professional Workspace's payment collection operative for the specific purpose of collecting fees from you on trust for the benefit of the Professional Workspace. Your monetary responsibility to the Professional Workspace for the fees is discharged if you pay the whole fees to Go4Office, and Go4Office is liable for refunding the amount in the way described in these Terms. At instances when a requested booking is cancelled (within the policy), any payments received by Go4Office will be repaid to such Clients, reflecting the selections made via Go4Office Service, and any pre-authorization of such client's credit card will be returned, if appropriate. If the proposed reservations are approved by the applicable Professional Workspace, you as a Guest agree to pay Go4Office the total fees for every reservation proposed in conjunction with your Go4Office account.

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