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Why is coworking space valuable for future generations


Basic difference between traditional or coworking offices?

Generally the definition of the word “ Coworking “ is when so many people gather in a common place to work together or individually on the same project. It is different from basic office space because people working in a co-working environment are generally not from the same company. Co-working is basically a new way of working and sharing and these office spaces are usually shared workspaces. They offer office spaces that are affordable and also for those that are looking to escape the isolation of home offices and coffee shops. These spaces also offer a suite of office amenities such as desks, big private meeting rooms, coffee etc. A major differentiator is flexible, since you don’t really need to sign a long-term lease in a co-working space. Every co-working space always has basic Wi-Fi, printers, projectors, sometimes a conference room and some will have coffee, snacks etc.


Co-working spaces are normally popular in the startup and freelancing worlds. However, it’s not just budget conscious startups that take advantage of co-working. So who uses co-working spaces?



1. Remote workers or Freelancer

Coworking space is an excellent place to network. Since freelancers and other remote workers work for themselves, having a pay-as-go type of arrangement can always save a fortune. Not only that but coworking space is a great way to meet freelancers.  Also working with others can help you improve your weaknesses and have a chance to talk to people that can help you out with some ideas. It’s great when you have so many people in one space with so much talent and can come up with incredible ideas. You don’t always have to talk about projects; you can chat a little with others while taking a break. The real appeal is the unadulterated focus and motivation you’ll encounter in most good Co-working spaces. There’s a special energy when you have a room filled with motivational people who are all working towards their dream.

2. Small Businesses

So many small businesses that don’t want the same overhead as a traditional lease always flock to co-working. Since there are relatively no costs of getting set up and the membership of co-working includes most of the amenities a business needs day to day. So, it is no wonder why small businesses now make up a majority of co-working space users. 

And other Enterprises and non-profit companies have also gravitated towards these flexible co-working relationships.

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