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What is the future of coworking after the pandemic


What do we think about the future of coworking offices? We heard and wrote so much, “COWORKING OFFICE SPACE”.Coworking ,we can say it,”United action,co occurrence and much more.”Now is the time to know why it is so important in  these pandemic situations or oppose conditions !!! NOW let’s talk about it. Now is the perfect time to break into the business. And as COVID-19 induced lockdowns and social distancing hopefully become a thing of the past, remote workers will be looking to find ways to connect with like-minded individuals now more than ever. A coworking office space is a perfect place to do that!!!! 

How can we improve it now ?? we've put together a step-by-step checklist to help you envision, assemble, and scale .Now we look down ;

1. Vision ;

Why do you want to open a new space to make a living? To cross-finance your own startup? to form a national coworking chain? to help your local community? All are valid answers, but this important commencement will help define your entire strategy. you must adapt your strategy ,a picture of your imagination.

 2. Solve a specific Problem ;

There has got to be a definite segment for your new coworking business, and thankfully there are many options available. Maybe your area features a high demand for coworking office spaces beyond coffee shops and libraries. Maybe the current spaces in your area are too focused on one form of worker. On the alternative hand, maybe the alternative spaces around you're too broadly focused. You're now within the business of problem-solving, so starting paying attention and expanding from there should be your main goal.

3. Define Your Space ;

Envision your target market's dream coworking environment. Is your space a premium facility for companies or an inexpensive solution for freelancers? Is your primary audience business or small teams? Will your facility integrate along with your city's business environment through events and partnerships, or will it's an independent space receptive to anyone?

Answering these questions will facilitate your more easily plan out your membership pricing, amenities, marketing, and site. Being generic doesn’t cut it within the coworking market. Think deeply a few thanks to stand out against the rest and add value to your new space.

4. List Your Business Goals ;

This is often the tough work which can facilitate your foremost within the long run. If your space is fully leased, plan out the number of desks you will be ready to offer and monetize. draw a bead on using 30 to 40 percent of your total space as desk space. Then, use this figure to calculate what quantity revenue your space can generate, including comparing the quantity of hot desks against the amount of permanent desks.

The subsequent step is to think about goals further down the road. When will you break even? What proportion of revenue will you generate? What quantity turnover do you expect? Which amenities and cosmetic choices are you able to afford?

Now consider the investment you may need. This includes found costs, like furniture and internet service; opening costs, kind of a launch event; and ongoing operations, like maintenance and salaries.

 Why The Pandemic May Improve The Demand For Coworking Office Spaces ;

1) Flexibility First ;

Many companies, even pre-pandemic, have had to handle the burden of long-term, lock-in leases with heavy security deposits, which remove the ‘business cash flow’ ability to reply to changes within the economy quickly. Now, over ever, having the ability to downsize one’s team – so, one’s work space, is crucial.

2) Ready for the long term ;

If Covid-19 has taught us one thing, it's that having the flexibility to pivot, and rapidly adapt to the nearly daily challenges that the pandemic has brought with it, are key. Even while lockdown restrictions are slowly getting right down to ease up, companies would understandably remain hesitant to enter into long-term leases again, given that the country remains seeing big spikes in cases, and a tally that shows no immediate signs of slowing down.

3) Customised Adaptation to Space Constraints ;

With recent government guidelines directing companies to require care of six feet of physical distance between team members within the workplace, employers are faced with another problem – that of getting the power to accommodate their teams within the identical amount of space that they had, pre-pandemic. The fashionable office space has certainly evolved over the ages, and as companies look to resume business, redesigning and restructuring of existing realty will pose another challenge.

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