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Flexible changes in traditional workplace


What is flexible office space?   

Flexible office space is part of traditional office space,But there is a slight difference. Flexible office space also known as shared work space.It is an alternative part of traditional office space.This type of office space is a basic requirement just like ; Table,chair,classic curtains,laptop/computer,internet and many more. Although in traditional offices workers spend most of their working day at their fixed workstation, flexible office space allow staff to work from alternate locations and to only work from the office .Flexible word meaning also that can be change or modified easily own necessity.Flexible work space is also like this word “flexible”.  length of flexible workspace leases varies and can be extended to suit the needs and requirements .Flexible office space also known temporary work space.One of the best example of temporary or flexible work space is pandemic or covid -19 related work from home all traditional offices,because it was made according to the need of the hour.You can also say,how we can use it according to our need.If we look at the system of today,then it is also the need and presenter of our coming generation,it’s not an exaggeration to say.Because it is very flexible ,convenient and productive .

  How is it different from others?

This is how we are able to see that traditional office space converts to flexible office space.Basic reason for converting to flexible work space is social interaction, collaboration, and relationship building and is also economically cheap. A big accentuation will be placed on technology and spaces that encourage face-to-face interaction as the future of work developed.Flexible office space  empowers and inspires people to do their work – to communicate, collaborate and solve problems.In these pandemic situation we look tradition work space totally closed & all work is being done from home.Work from home also a part of flexible office space.In these situation we see loss jobs ,deduction salaries and many more problems.Flexible office space is one of the better option of the future .There are many types of flexible office space; Coworking space,Shared office space ,Dedicated office space ,virtual office space and Private office space.

What are its advantages?

Coworking office is an  system or an management,where many people meet ,along with dividing the place,it also puts the plans related to its ideas,creativity and work in front of company relate people.It is coworking office.Coworking office space very economical and convenient as compare traditional type office management.Traditional type office management requires huge investment ,high maintenance , huge space required as compared to coworking office space.If we see benefits of coworking office space are increase creativity of the employee,productivity of the employee is increased,less space required ,low cost investment etc.Coworking office space also improve between employee motivation,coordination,better communication,flexibility  or networking .

 At that time we see coworking office space most popular between freelancers and in the startups.Because it gives privacy and less investment. Virtual office space ,we are seeing a word here ,that’s the word “Virtual”.Here is the simple meaning of virtual is pseudo,means real but not nearly the same.Virtual office is the part of traditional office space.It is provide all type of facilities like traditional office space.No huge space is needed for this.You can do any work related to it.We saw its biggest benefit in today’s pandemic or covid situation.Where we once depended on the traditional office space for all work ,and look in today ‘s time ,we did all the work of the office with this.So,virtual office space  emerged like a new dimension and It also proves to be relevant,its true. Private office space also provides isolation.Having the privacy of your own office can be nice and comfortable. But it is also isolating. Other most important benefits is low cost as compare to open space office.Private office space improve creativity because in solitude ,your thinking gets new dimensions.Another part of these is shared office space also called collaborate work space.In these workspace ,we shared work place as per need.Shared office space is so convenient as compared to other part of flexible office space.

 How do we see this as a revolution?             

The concept of flexible office space has been revolution.During pre -pandemic when people didn’t care about masks and remote working was a luxury, flexible office spaces.But after pandemic will be change everything.Traditional office work will be changed to flexible office work.It’s creat new era in a future .It’s give a new possibilities with improve productivity.

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